Call for abstracts


Abstracts must be submitted through the online form that can be found at, in the abstracts section.

Deadline for abstracts submission: March 21st, 2017

The abstract is requested to be written in English or Spanish, using the template which will be available on this website.

It is admitted maximum one abstract per registration, regardless of its format, except Divulga Symposium.
  • Maximum length: 1 DIN A-4 page.
  • Margins: 2.5 cm for upper margin, 2.5 cm for bottom margin, 3 cm for left margin and 3 cm for right margin.
  • Title: Capital letters, bold, centered. (Font: Calibri ; Font Size:14 pt)
  • Authors: Name of authors (Initial of name and surname), centered. (Font: Calibri; Font Size: 12 pt)
  • Affiliation and address, including e-mail of the registered author. (Font: Calibri; Font Size: 10 pt)
  • Key words: Italics (Font: Calibri; Font Size 12 pt)
  • Body of the abstract: (Font: Calibri; Font Size: 12 pt.) All paragraphs must be justified. The summary must allow to assess the scientific/technical interest of your contribution. It can contain figures, graphics, tables and references. The graphical resolution of the figures should not exceed 300 dpi.
  • References must be indicated by numbers within square brackets, in Calibri 10 dots, following punctuation symbols, in the indicated format for journals [1] and books [2], as shown below. Please do not use automatic numbering to add footnotes/endnotes if you are using MSWord.
[1] A. Author1, A. Author2, A. Author3. J.Urnal. 20**Vol., XXX-XXX
[2] A. Author1, A. Author2. Book title. Edition no, Publisher, Publisher City. 20**.

Once you have written the abstract using the template, save the document with the acronym of the symposium chosen followed by the surname of the registered author and the kind of contribution (plenary, invited, oral, flash or poster).
Example: ACRONYM-SurnameName_poster.docx


The receipt of all abstract submissions will be acknowledged via email.
The abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific organizing committee of the meeting.
All submissions are subject to peer review by the members of the Scientific Committee. E-mail notification of acceptance or reviewing will be sent to all submitting authors on April 19th, 2017.